About the Journal

Intechno Journal (Information Technology Journal) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published in every six months, namely in July and December.

Intechno Journal (e-ISSN 2655-1438 | p-ISSN 2655-1632) published by Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta in collaboration with Indonesian Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation Support Society (IndoCEISS) to promote high-quality Information Technology (IT) research among academics and practitioners alike, including computer scientists, Software Engineering & Big Data, Multimedia, Networking, IT professionals, and other stakeholders in the IT industry.

Intechno Journal which includes scholarly writings on pure research and applied research in the field of information technology a review-general review of the development of the theory, methods, and related applied sciences. Manuscripts published in Indonesian or English. Contributed papers must be original (similarity score <= 30%) and offer an impactful contribution. At least two independent reviewers will review each manuscript in the relevant field to ensure the publication of only top-quality contributions. Intechno Journal offers an open-access license (CC-BY) while retaining the copyright for the authors.

The advantage of this journal is the fast response, for good quality articles, the following is the estimated processing time:

1. Initial Decision for Review: 1 - 10 days after submission,
2. Decision after review: 6 - 8 weeks after submission,
3. Online publication time: 1 - 4 weeks after acceptance.

Intechno Journal has been indexed by Garuda, Google Scholar, World Cat, Neliti, Road, Crossref, Base, Dimensions, Semanticscholar, OneSearch, Scispace, wizdoms.ai, Copernicus Index, and Journal Stories.