• Nation State: Journal of International Studies

    Nation State: Journal of International Studies is a peer-review journal under the management of the International Relations Department, Faculty of Economics and Social Science, University of AMIKOM Yogyakarta, in collaboration with Asosiasi Ilmu Hubungan Internasional Indonesia (AIHII). The journal publishes primarily original research articles, perspectives, and short-form essays published through a double-blind review procedure. Nation State: Journal of International Studies publish two issues per year (June & December). (Read More)

  • Jurnal PIKMA : Publikasi Ilmu Komunikasi Media Dan Cinema

    Jurnal PIKMA : Publikasi Ilmu komunikasi Media dan Cinema adalah publikasi ilmiah yang pertama kali terbit pada tahun 2018. Jurnal PIKMA dipublikasikan oleh Program Studi Ilmu Komunikasi, Fakultas Ekonomi dan Sosial, Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Jurnal PIKMA juga telah teregistrasi Electronic-ISSN 2655-6405 dan Print-ISSN 2622-5476. Selain itu, Jurnal PIKMA diterbitkan dua kali dalam setahun, yakni bulan Maret dan September. Adapun fokus tulisan Jurnal PIKMA adalah mengenai Media Baru dan Teknologi Komunikasi (New Media and Communication Technologies), Media dan Jurnalistik (Media and Journalism), Komunikasi Pemasaran (Marketing Communication), Kajian Film (Film Studies), Komunikasi Antar Budaya (Cross-cultural communication), Komunikasi Politik (Political communication) dan Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (Information and Communication Technology).

  • Journal of Information System Management (JOISM)

    Journal of Information System Management (JOISM) is a peer-reviewed journal published in January and June by Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta. The JOISM have scopes or research areas but are not limited to : Information Technology, Information System, E-Business / E-Commerce,  Computer Science, Animation, AR / VR Application, Game, and Interactive Media.  E-ISSN of JOISM is 2715-3088

    Starting from Vol. 2 No. 1 (june 2020), Journal of Information System Management (JOISM) has been accredited Sinta ranked 5th / Sinta 5

  • Information System Journal

    Information System Journal (INFOS) Contains the results of scientific research in the field of information systems and computer science. This journal aims to bridge the gap between factual advances in information systems and computer science and the results of existing research.

    Focus and Scope, This journal publishes research articles, review articles/literature reviews, case reports and concept/policy articles, in all fields: Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Financial Technology, Multimedia, AR/VR Applications, IT Governance, UI/UX, e-commerce. The Information System Journal (INFOS) is published under the numbers E-ISSN : 2655-142X and P-ISSN : 2655-190X.

    he Information System Journal (INFOS) published twice a year in May, and November. This journal is published by Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta.

    Based on the Decree of the Directorate for Research and Development Strengthening Number 230/E/KPT/2022, The Information System Journal (INFOS) is now accredited SINTA 5. This decision is valid for 5 years until Volume 7 Nomor 3, 2024.

  • Journal of Social Politics and Governance (JSPG)

    Journal of Social Politics and Governance (JSPG), with ISSN: 2686-0279 (Print), ISSN: 2685-8096 (Online) is a peer-reviewed journal published in June and December. The JSPG Journal focuses on several studies: Election and Political Parties, Democracy and Local Politics, Decentralization Autonomy, Bureaucracy, Policy Studies, Digital Government, Village Government, State and Business Relation, Sociopreneurship. JSPG is managed professionally by Government Studies Program, Universitas AMIKOM Yogyakarta. Journal of Social Politics and Governance (JSPG) is also affiliated with ADIPSI (Asosiasi Dosen Ilmu Pemerintahan Seluruh Indonesia) and KAPSIPI (Kesatuan Asosiasi Program Studi Ilmu Pemerintahan Indonesia). The JSPG Journal helps academics, researchers and practitioners to disseminate the results of their research.

    Journal of Social Politics and Governance (JSPG) indexed by:



  • SWAGATI : Journal of Community Service

    SWAGATI: Journal of Community Service is a journal that aims to be a medium of communication and scientific information resulting from community service. The scope of published articles includes studies on community empowerment in computer science, economics, social science, and technology. However, the Editors can accept other fields still relevant to community service activities.

    SWAGATI is officially registered and has an ISSN (International Standard Serial Number): Electronic and Print. 
    E-ISSN : 2986-7339  P-ISSN : 2986-7940 


  • Intechno Journal (Information Technology Journal)

    Intechno Journal (Information Technology Journal) is a peer-reviewed open-access journal published in every six months, namely in July and December. 

    Intechno Journal (e-ISSN 2655-1438 | p-ISSN 2655-1632) published by Universitas Amikom Yogyakarta in collaboration with Indonesian Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation Support Society (IndoCEISS) to promote high-quality Information Technology (IT) research among academics and practitioners alike, including computer scientists, Software Engineering & Big Data, Multimedia, Networking, IT professionals, and other stakeholders in the IT industry.


    Journal of Academic Entrepreneur (JAE) is a peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (March and September) by the Entrepreneurship Study Program, Amikom University, Yogyakarta. The Journal of Academic Entrepreneur (JAE) covers the broad field of entrepreneurship and business and its applications, particularly for research relevant to the growing practice of entrepreneurship or online business. It includes the study of how work is done (descriptive) and/or should be done (normative) in various forms of organization, whether in for-profit or not-for-profit companies, private or public sector institutions, or formal or informal social networks. Topics covered include, but are not limited to:

    1. Online Business Innovation
    2. Business & Management Strategy
    3. Corporate Governance & Corporate Social Responsibility
    4. Entrepreneurship, Socialpreneurship & Technopreneurship
    5. Leadership & Strategy Negotiations
    6. Strategic Finance & Investment Management
    7. Digital Media Business
    8. Computing & Technology Management
    9. Innovation & Knowledge-Based Management
    10. Islamic Business & Entrepreneurship