Publication Ethics

In order to maintain the quality of scientific publications and avoid violations in the publishing process, the editorial board of Journal Of Information System Management (JOISM) established publication ethics that were adapted and developed from the Publication Ethics of Lembaga llmu Pengetahuan Indonesia (LIPI) 2014 which consist of:

  1. For Author
    • The authors who submit the manuscript to the editor should read in advance about the JOISM provisions set forth in the publication ethics and writing guidelines to prevent the emergence of problems in the publishing process;
    • The authors must ensure sure that the manuscript submitted to the editor is an original work and not the result of plagiarism;
    • The author must ensure that the manuscript submitted to the editor has never been published or sent simultaneously to the other media of publications;
    • The authors must ensure that they have competencies in accordance with aims, focus and scope of JOISM;
    • The author is fully responsible for the entire content of the manuscript submitted to JOISM.
  2. For Editor

    • The editor must be objective, honest and transparent in deciding whether the manuscript is accepted or rejected;
    • The editor must convey the writing and submission guidelines applied to the JOISM to the author, both printed or electronic forms;
    • The editor must convey the review guidelines and reviewer form to the reviewer, both printed or electronic;
    • The editor has an obligation in order to maintain the privacy and rights of the author;
    • The editor must understand the scientific publications ethics to prevent the problem in publishing process.
  3. For Reviewer
    • The reviewer who have been appointed and have expressed their willingness as a reviewer of JOISM should be objective, honest and only cling firmly to the scientific truth without differentiate race, gender, ethnicity, religion and nationality of the author;
    • The reviewer must ensure that the use of data, facts, information and bibliography/reference as outlined in the manuscript are in accordance with the methodology of scientific writing and can be accounted scientifically. If there is a mistake, a reviewer should convey to the editor and the author correct their mistake;
    • The reviewer must be willing to respond and review the manuscript send from the editor in the specified period (maximum two weeks of working days). If the reviewer needs additional time, then he/she can make appointment to the editor.
  4. For Journal Manager
    • The journal manager must describe the purpose of the journal and the publication ethics policy as well as the writing guidelines to the author;
    • The journal manager must provide the best working atmosphere of cooperation with editorial board.
    • The journal manager should guarantee and protect intellectual property rights and publish the publications to the society on the basis of benefits to disseminate the research and development of science in accordance with the aims, focus and scope of the journal;
    • The journal manager must ensure that the publishing and management process of JOISM are free from the conflict of interest.