Focus & Scope



Nation State: Journal of International Studies is dedicated to promoting significant research analysis and presenting cutting-edge ideas in the field of International Relations, with a particular focus on the following areas but are not limited to global political economy, diplomacy and foreign policy, global governance and global civil society, regional and international security:

  • Global Political Economy: Nation State: Journal of International Studies welcomes research that explores the interactions between politics and the global economy, including issues such as global trade, development, inequality, economic policies, and the role of international institutions.
  • Diplomacy and Foreign Policy: The journal seeks contributions that delve into the theory and practice of diplomacy, the analysis of foreign policies of nation-states and non-state actors, diplomatic negotiations, and the study of diplomatic institutions and processes.
  • Global Governance: Nation State: Journal of International Studies invites scholarly works that examine the structures, mechanisms, and challenges of global governance, including the role of international organizations, multilateralism, global norms and regulations, and the dynamics of power relations in the global arena.
  • Global Civil Society: The journal encourages research on the role of non-state actors, such as non-governmental organizations, social movements, and grassroots initiatives, in shaping global governance, promoting social justice, and addressing global issues in the context of global south.