Submission Guidelines



Pre Submission

In order to meet with the manuscript requirements, the author(s) should read our pre-submission checklist before submit the article to Nation State Journal of International Studies. We reserve the right to reject manuscripts that does not meet the requirements. Before you begin the process of submitting manuscript, author(s) should ensure that they have completed the following:


Read our aims and scope

Is your research relevant to the focus and scope of Nation State: Journal of International Studies? Click about the journal page to find out more.


Manuscript preparation

Have you prepared your manuscript in line with the writing guidelines i.e. language preference, template, reference, and structure of manuscript? Visit our writing guideline and document template page to find out more.


Originality Statement

Do you understand the Nation State: Journal of International Studies having established zero tolerance for plagiarism? Are you aware of our plagiarism policy? At the time of submitting the article, you will be asked to download and sign a document with a stamp acknowledging its originality. Learn more on our plagiarism issue policy and originality statement page.


Article processing charge

Are you aware of our article processing charges? You may even be able to secure funding for your article processing charges. Learn more on our article processing charge page.


Copyrights and License

Do you understand about the copyrights and license? Learn more on our copyrights and license page.


Editorial and publishing policies

Have you read and understood our editorial process? Visit our policy page of editorial and publishing process page to find out more.


Ready to submit your manuscript?

Once you have attended to all of the areas on this page, you are ready to move onto the next stage. Please visit our online submission system.