Open Access Statement



Nation State: Journal of International Studies promotes the principle of equity and inclusiveness, ensuring that knowledge is not restricted to those who can afford subscriptions or access to academic databases. It allows researchers from all backgrounds, regardless of their institutional affiliations or geographical locations, to access and contribute to the global body of knowledge.

Furthermore, open access encourages collaboration and innovation. By making research findings readily available, it facilitates interdisciplinary research, fosters new collaborations, and accelerates scientific progress. It enables researchers to build upon existing knowledge, verify and replicate studies, and contribute to ongoing scholarly discussions. These platforms provide authors with the opportunity to share their work openly, ensuring that their findings reach a wide audience and receive greater visibility and impact.

Overall, open access plays a crucial role in advancing scholarly communication and driving the progress of research. By removing barriers to access, it fosters knowledge dissemination, collaboration, and societal impact. It aligns with the principles of openness, transparency, and inclusivity, ultimately benefiting researchers, institutions, and society as a whole.