Review Policy



Review Stage

Nation State: Journal of International Studies adopts a two-stage reviewing procedure to ensure the quality of publications, as follows:

  1. Editorial review: the editor checks the suitability of the publication ethics, template, language, journal scope, technical writing of reference, as well as the originality of the manuscript. If there is a minor discrepancy in any section, the editor may request the author to make the necessary corrections and return the revised manuscript for further consideration.
  2. Peer reviewing stage: in the peer reviewing stage, the editor assigns reviewers who possess expertise in the relevant field to conduct a thorough evaluation of the manuscript's substance. The reviewers critically analyze the content, methodology, and findings, providing valuable insights and feedback to ensure the quality of the publication.

    At this stage, manuscripts submitted to Nation State: Journal of International Studies undergo an evaluation process using a double-blind peer review procedure. This means that the identities of both the authors and the reviewers remain undisclosed. The editor selects at least two reviewers based on their expertise in the specific subject area. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit their scholarly work anonymously, ensuring a fair and unbiased review process. This anonymity also applies to the reviewers when providing their feedback and review results.

    Based on the comments and recommendations of the reviewers, the editors then determine to choose one of three decisions, as follows:
    • Revisions required: Author(s) are advised to carefully review the feedback received and make necessary revisions to their manuscript. We will kindly request authors to submit the revised version of their manuscript to the editor for further evaluation.
    • Resubmt for review: Author(s) are kindly requested to make significant revisions to their submission for resubmission and further review. The revised manuscript should be submitted to the editor for the subsequent round of evaluation.
    • Decline: The submission manuscript will not be published if the reviewers find some issues, for examples, lack of analysis, poor citation and paraphrasing, academic fraud with data manipulation, and/or containt plagiarism as well as the author(s) are not responsible for their submission in respond the editor decision during the pre determined time.
  • For each decisions above will be conveyed to the author(s). The revised manuscript from the author(s) should be returned to the editorial team within a pre determined time through online journal system.

Manuscript Evaluation Criteria

Each submitted manuscript to Nation State: Journal of International Studies undergoes an editorial review and peer review stage determined by the following criterias:

  • Originality: The manuscript's unique contribution to the particular topic related to International Relations.
  • Significance: The relevance of the research problem, methodology, and theory to International Relations.
  • Coherence: The logical and cohesive analysis presented in the manuscript.
  • Communication: The ability to effectively communicate ideas to readers, including grammar and language style.


Reviewing Timeline

Nation State: Journal of International Studies targets a quick reviewing period, typically taking 2-3 months from the confirmation of reviewers' availability. However, we also value the time of our peer reviewers. It is possible for the review process to take place quickly if the peer reviewers are willing to finish before the predetermined time.